Gridley, IL City Code and Permits

Village Code and Permits

Ordinances exist to help maintain the peace and safety of all residents living in Gridley. Please call Village Hall at 309-747-2000 with specific ordinance questions and for a copy of specific ordinances.

Village Ordinances

Village Ordinances

Building Permits

All building or construction plans require a Building Permit from the Village. The building plan must be in compliance with all Village Ordinances. This includes fences, sheds, garages, room additions, etc. A zoning hearing may be required.

Building permits are $25 plus $1.00 per $1000.

Building Permit Download

Download the PDF Building Permit form. Print application, manually fill out and bring in to the Village Hall with payment.

Please contact the Village Hall at 309-747-2000 for further information regarding building permits.

Animal Ordinances

The goal of animal ordinances is to help make Gridley a safe and neighborly community. The ordinances can be viewed here. Contact the Chenoa Police non-emergency for animal control issues at 309-747-3700.

Animal Ordinances

Citations for Ordinance Violations

A citation will be issued by a police officer when there is a violation of certain ordinances. The citations can be viewed here.

Citations for Ordinance Violations

Zoning Ordinances: Residential Accessories

Private Swimming Pools: All swimming pools 24” in depth or greater, shall require a permit. Each pool shall be protected by means of a decorative fence at least 48” in height. There is a one-time pool permit fee of $25 when a pool is installed.

Fences: All fences in any district shall require permit. No fence shall be located closer than 3’ from a street or alley or property line

Recreational Vehicles: A camping trailer or recreational vehicle are not considered accessory use but may be allowed to be kept outdoors in a residential district for a period of not more than 14 total days in any calendar year. Boats cannot be stored in an area visible from the street. Boats 14’ or less may be stored in the rear yard.

Golf Carts

Golf carts are permitted within the village limits on village streets. They are not permitted on Route 24 or any state highway. Golf carts must be inspected by the Chief of Police before receiving a usage permit. Permit fees are $35 annually.

Golf Cart Ordinance

Door-to-Door Solicitation Permits

Individuals or businesses desiring to go door-to-door within the Village of Gridley must first obtain a permit. The cost is $25 per solicitor. Residents are encouraged to request a copy of the permit and to contact the Village Police at 309-747-3700 if a solicitor does not have a permit.