Gridley, IL Residential Information

Residential Information


Village of Gridley Water
117 W Third Street, Gridley, IL 61744

Ameren (electric)

Learn about the electrical aggregation program between the Village of Gridley and Homefield Energy.

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Northern IL Gas (NICOR)

Gridley Telephone Company
Landline telephone; Internet service
108 E Third Street, Gridley IL 61744

Cable TV; Internet service


Register to Vote

Gridley has two precincts. Voting for both precincts takes place at the Community Building located at the corner of Center and Third Streets.

Information on voter registration in McLean County: click here


Homes for Sale

Find homes for sale in Gridley: click here


Door-to-Door Solicitors

Individuals or businesses desiring to go door-to-door within the Village of Gridley must first obtain and pay for a permit. Residents are encouraged to request a copy of the permit and to contact the Village Police at 309-747-3700 if a solicitor does not have a permit.