Gridley, IL Water and Sewer

Water and Sewer

The Water Department works to provide safe and good water for its residents. The Village Board has been proactive in replacing old water mains and adding new valves to avoid disruption of service to residents and businesses. Philip Romersberger is the Village Water and Sewer Superintendent.

Billing and Payment

Water bills are billed and due monthly. Water rates are $.52 per 100 gallons and $.30 per 100 gallons for sewer usage. There is a minimum monthly billing of $10.40 per water meter.

Water deposits for new customers are:

Renters: $75
Homeowners: $25

Payments can be made in the following ways:

  • Put your payment in the green drop-off box located in front of Village Hall at 117 E Third Street.
  • Bring your payment in person to Village Hall.
  • Mail payments to PO Box 168, Gridley, IL 61744.
  • Arrange for direct debit (ACH Automatic Withdrawal) from your bank account. Continue reading for more information about ACH Automatic Withdrawal.
  • Bring payment and coupon to Flanagan State Bank (Gridley branch only).

ACH Automatic Withdrawal

Residents who sign up for ACH Automatic Withdrawal will still receive their monthly water bill. The amount owed will be automatically debited from their bank account on the due date listed on the bill. This is the same due date for non-ACH Automatic Withdrawal customers.

Please call Village Hall at 309-747-2000 to arrange for ACH Automatic Withdrawal.

Water Boil Order Facts

Information regarding boil orders can be found HERE

Consumer Confidence Report

The Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA) requires all water utilities to issue an annual Consumer Confidence report to customers. In compliance with this regulation, the Village of Gridley Water Department produces and distributes this report on water quality each year. For more information on this report or a copy of the report, call 309-747-2000. The complete Water Quality Report is also available to view/print in Adobe Acrobat format.